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Since 1986, The World’s most advanced technology in the fields of Safety Clutches, Servo Couplings and Safety Brakes.

Many years of experience and competence in the development of application-optimized solutions have made Mayr Singapore a market leader for safety clutches. A large number of renowned machine manufacturers worldwide trust in the reliability of our high-quality drive and control components and in our complete drive solutions.
Mayr Singapore is a regional subsidiary for a globally active manufacturer of power transmission components, such as Mayr ROBA DS coupling for servo motor, Mayr ROBA ES couplings, Mayr ROBA DX coupling, Mayr EAS clutches, EAS Compact, EAS HT, EAS Axial and ROBA Stop safety brakes. Power-off safety brake; ROBA-Stop M power Brake, ROBA linerarstop Brake, ROBA-stop Silenzio safety brake, ROBA-stop seawater brake and many more. Mayr Singapore is a global market leader in many of the key target industrial sectors that it is active in and has been growing rapidly over the previous years.
Mayr Singapore is a branch office serving ASEAN regions including , Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar etc.

Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.

Mayr Power Transmission is known for:

Torque Limiters

The No. 1 worldwide for torque limiters which protect against expensive overload damage and production downtimes.

Elevator & Stage Brakes

The No. 1 worldwide for elevator brakes and stage brakes, which have proved their worth in hoisting devices as well as in all areas in which safety is of maximum importance.

Smartflex Shift Coupling

The No. 1 worldwide for the smartflex-shaft coupling, patented by mayr.

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